Shopping Online Safely

At The Luxury Directory, we take calculated steps to ensure the products listed with us are genuine and legitimate. Should you encounter a product that seems suspicious, please ensure it is reported to us using the methods provided. We will then ensure the issues are addressed and the appropriate action is taken. 

We’ve put together a short list of points for you to be mindful of when purchasing an item online. 

  • Never send money over the internet in advance. Visit the Dealership or location where the product is advertised from and ensure the product is as you anticipated.
  • Ensure you see genuine documents of Authenticity prior to making a purchase.
  • Be skeptical about any products that seem too good to be true. Walk away if you’re unsure.
  • Never give bank details to sellers. Reputable sellers will used trusted payment providers such as PayPal when conducting transactions. Ensure you’re in receipt of the product before completing payments. We strongly suggest you visit the retailer or dealership when making a purchase. 

Unfortunately, as The Luxury Directory solely acts as an intermediary, we will not be held liable for any transactions between parties. 

The Luxury Directory will never contact you asking for personal and/or sensitive information. Please inform us via the contact page should you receive such a request.