About Us

Who are we?

We are a small team of tech-influenced individuals. We came together to realise our goal of simplifying the advertisement of Luxury goods here in the UK. The Luxury Directory plays host to several categories of Luxury goods, all of which are for sale right here in the United Kingdom. 

What do we do?

The Luxury Directory was designed to showcase Luxury goods, nationwide, here in the UK. Our web-based platform is designed to provide Purveyors the tools to advertise their Luxury goods with us, reaching the far and wide.


Acting as an ‘intermediary’, The Luxury Directory showcases several categories of Luxury goods, all of which are for sale right here in the United Kingdom. 

What do we offer?

We offer a web based advertising service for those in the Luxury industry. Our platform is fully capable of accepting listings from Purveyors of Luxury goods, allowing them the ability to fully control their ‘Listings’. Our clients have the ability to adjust their listings from their User account and add/remove more listings as they wish. 

What can we accept?

When we receive a listing submission, we fully vet the details submitted to us to ensure that it aligns with our values and objectives. To ensure that we withhold our stature as the UK’s biggest provider of Luxury goods, we’ve set out some key points on what we feel would be suitable to list on The Luxury Directory.

Watches & Jewellery

Due to the variable nature of identifying a Luxury Watch, we ask you to abide by the following;

We accept listings of all watches of a Luxe marque. We reserve the right to determine whether or not we class the piece as Luxury.  We will class a Watch as Luxury if we feel that it is;

  • Of exceptionally high quality
  • Mechanically built

With regards to Jewellery, we will evaluate each submission on a case-by-case basis. Should you choose to list a piece of Jewellery or Watch on The Luxury Directory, we require you to verify authenticity of the item, usually by means of the authenticity certificate (Jewellery/precious stones) and/or documents supplied with the Luxury timepiece (Manufacturer supplied paperwork).

Real Estate

A property value of £650,000+ and must abide by one of the following; 

  • A property with exceptional features
  • A property of exceptional size
  • A property of exceptional quality
  • A property in an exceptional location


Vehicles of any Luxe/Performance marque will be considered

Vehicles of an historic nature will be considered

Vehicles of a pre-owned nature will be considered, provided that it meets the requirements listed

Pricing structures aren’t applicable as guides in this category due to the variable nature of Cars.


Due to the variable nature of private Aircraft, we will assess each submission on an individual basis. 

We retain the right to accept or decline any listing as we see appropriate. Listings must be free from defamatory remarks/content. Any listing seen to include such will be terminated immediately and the User account suspended.


Should we receive a submission that doesn’t fit in with the criteria listed above, we reserve the right to reject the submission and the User will receive a refund, either monetary or account credit, within 10 working days. If a refund is requested, all monies will be paid back to the original method of payment. 

Why choose The Luxury Directory

The answer is really simple. We’ve created an Ultra-lean platform designed to make advertising Luxury Goods as simple as possible. We simplified the process into as few steps as possible, leaving you more time to focus on those other pressing tasks. During its creation, we focussed a lot of our efforts on how articles were to be displayed to our audience. We’re confident that the finished product is orderly, well documented and concise. 

We believe that a few factors combined, differentiate us from the rest. On setting out to achieve our goals, we felt we had to bring more than one reason forward in differentiating us from other channels. We’ve managed to sum it up in five simple points;

  • Analytics, as standard: The Luxury Directory offers all customers the option to use analytics concerning their ‘Listings’. This allows you to see ‘Unique Post Views’, ‘Origin of Visitors’ and upon which device they viewed the listing.
  • Subscription based Advertising: In our quest for unparallelled value, we’ve implemented a subscription model; allowing you to pay a one-off monthly cost and benefitting from super cost effective Listing packages. Not your cup of tea? You may cancel at any time; no strings attached.  
  •  Simple Pricing Structures: We’re trying our hardest to simplify processes, not complicate them, which is the reason for our simplistic pricing. We operate on a subscription model which allows you incredible value over the cost of the service. For informational purposes, you may pay a one off fee of £79 a month and receive not one, but five listing options. Our pricing is determined by the amount you wish to list, not by that you wish to include. You can find our pricing here. 
  • Zero Commission on Sales: It really is as simple as that. 
  • Using a Platform dedicated to Luxury goods: When listing Luxury goods with us, you’ll be proud inthe knowledge that you’re listing with a one-of-a-kind business here in the UK. We’re proud that we’re the first to serve the Luxury sector here in the UK, using this method. With us, you’re saving your clients the hassle of hunting around – this is a one-stop-shop for Luxury – Join us!